Kid North - Gold

Kid North

Dance & melancholy. Simple & complex. Aerial & throbbing. Kid North feeds himself from these contrasts and claims these contradictions. The french pop-electro band was founded around a concept : « danser / pleurer » (dance / cry), to create songs both danceable and melancholic. A motivation shown since their first LP « Atlas » (2013, Tsunami Addiction), praised by the press. After a few years of concerts, in France and abroad, the 5-piece band becomes a trio in late 2013. A new start giving life to a new inspiration, leading Axel, Gary and Gregory into writing a second album. Spring from the indie / post rock scene, the 3 members have always been profoundly drawn to pop music. Strengthened by their previous band experiences and their solo projects, they finally found the perfect balance to reach that attraction. Their inspirations go from 70’s prog rock to 80’s pop, electronic music, hip hop and current mainstream pop. The band likes to approach limits and play with them, while trying to stay as consistant and timeless as possible. Their high artistic and aesthetic standards is a force that encourages them to be more creative, beyond basic musicians duties. With this new album « New Waters », Kid North unveils a rich musical pallet, made of touching vocal harmonies, airy guitars, luxuriant synths and catchy melodies.

Gold is the 2nd single from their New Waters album released on March 11. The video is directed by Kid North, filmed by Kid North, Vincent Baudron & Priscilia Marques and edited by Gregory Hoepffner.

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