Donation Icons

Donation Icons

Across the globe, we spend, on average, seven hours a day looking at a computer screen. During which time we view literally hundreds of file icons. What if this behaviour could help raise money to end extreme poverty?

RKCR/Y&R and Oxfam are introducing the DONATION ICONS.
Ending Extreme Poverty One Icon At A Time.

Donation Icons is an innovative new piece of technology that allows you the user to raise money for Oxfam, without costing you a single penny. The application transforms your desktop icons into a smart and ingenious media spaces that brands can advertise in. Users donate their icons and brands donate the money. The program launched globally in February 2016. Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn’t inevitable. In just 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. 15 more years and we can end it for good. To spread that change and make it last, political solutions are also needed to tackle the root causes of poverty and create societies where empowered individuals can thrive. RKCR/Y&R is a full service creative agency collaborating with Oxfam in the fight to end poverty.

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  1. This is brilliant! Jesus this will change the world! Tech is the new advertising!

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