Suite GO

Transporting a house in one truck, assembling it in a day and a half, and leaving it as a fully autonomous comfortable space. These were the three challenges of the project, and these have also been the major achievements of this construction. Designed to maximize the use of space, containing a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and a comfortable sleeping solution in less than 30 m² (323 ft²). The installed systems allow the house to benefit totally from solar energy to power all its equipment.

CO2 emissions have been controlled in the design and construction phase to achieve a negative CO2 balance. Its construction system and technical equipment enable the user to easily monitor and reduce CO2 emissions they create. This project combines two prefabricated modules: A 23 m² SPACE module, and a compact technological HUB which concentrates all the facilities within 5,9 m². The modules do not need deep foundations, they can be assembled, taken down, transported and reassembled in another location with the same or different configuration to meet the growing demand for versatility and mobility of modern housing. This passive construction combines maximum interior comfort with very low power consumption. It is achieved through a high degree of insulation, careful monitoring of thermal bridges and of unwanted air infiltration, and the optimum use of sunlight. Thus the objective of limiting energy demand to 15 kW/m² year for heating and save up to 90% of energy consumption compared to conventional buildings of the same size is achieved.

NOEM by Think CO2 is a company from Barcelona, Spain. They are specialists in building ecological, modern wooden houses. Prefabricated design homes that are fully customized providing maximum energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings through passive house standards and the latest technology.

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