Young Magic - Lucien

Young Magic

Young Magic are an experimental soul music group from Brooklyn, New York. The band consists of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Melati Malay and Isaac Emmanuel. The band are known for collecting field recordings from around the world and incorporating them into their studio albums.

“Lucien” is the first single from Young Magic’s forthcoming album, “Still Life,” out May 13th. The video is directed by Johann Rashid and Young Magic. The choreography is by Saung Budaya Indonesian Dance Group.

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  1. Saw them live in The Netherlands a couple of years back at a festival, they're a great band and i love their album Melt, so looking forward to their new one! Their visuals were also my introduction to the mesmerizing film 'The Color of Pomegranates' by Sergei Parajanov. (BTW Nicolas Jaar did a great new soundtrack for that film:

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