The Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course

While lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans still suffer frequent discrimination and violence in countries around the world, the Inter-LGBT and TBWA are launching a campaign to raise awareness that now, more than ever, the fight against LGBTphobias is still a journey for the warriors themselves. It takes time to move a society. Time for age-old certainties to be shaken and eventually crumble. Time for deeply rooted fears, that have been fed to generation after generation, to wither and disappear. How many people have been ignored, rejected, ostracized by society, how many have died for not being right before their time?

Inter-LGBT wanted to convey a strong message reminder that human rights are not negotiable and they will continue to make headway in this direction. That’s why they decided in collaboration with the agency TBWA\Paris to create a campaign that reflects the journey of such a fighter in life. The film, directed in a first-person POV, by Ben Briand (Moonwalk Films), places the viewer in the shoes of a person whose identity is never revealed, but with whom we can share emotions over the hardships encountered, from a young age and through every important moment in life.

Ben Briand is a film director working across narrative, installation and commercial disciplines. His award winning work is often praised for its distinctive approach. He forms delicately crafted visual images whilst eliciting honest human performances from the heart of his stories. The work is cinematic in style and his technical eye always enables a beautiful yet highly contemporary aesthetic. Ben’s personal film projects often feature his ongoing preoccupation with the themes of identity and memory.


  1. Wow! Such a powerful film!

  2. Heartbreaking and real.

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