Gomos System

Gomos System

SUMMARY is an architecure studio based in the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto. Seeking the balance between pragmatism and experimentalism, this studio aims solutions that could answer an determinant chalenge of contemporary architecture: How to transform the construction practice in a summary process? SUMMARY develops construction procedures and systems based in the principle of highest efficiency, assuming the optimization of time and resources as the core theme of their practice.


Gomos System is such a revolution in the constructive process of a house. Instead of waiting months for your dream house, now you can have it in 3 days. The first unit of this project was built in Arouca and it’s the result of twenty companies that have several roles in the construction process. Samuel Gonçalves is the architect in charge of exploring and putting together the skills of each company and take the most of them for this work.

The Gomos System video tells the story of a modular construction system made of concrete units produced in factory which allow an easy transportation and a quick assemblage showing just how quick and easy it is to build this house with an evolutionary concrete modular system that translates into a contemporary design with vernacular values.

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