Vaults - Midnight River


Hailing from Hertfordshire and London, UK, Vaults are an electropop trio, consisting of vocalist and lyricist Blythe, producer Ben, and instrumentalist Barney. Having been hailed by some publications as “the viral act that you know nothing about,” Vaults have only revealed some background details, opting for the mystery and intrigue angle in terms of their identity, letting their music speak for itself and represent them as a whole. They have been critically acclaimed and praised for their cathartic, intense lyrics and Blythe’s powerful, captivating vocals, as well as their stellar, sleek production techniques, eerie yet warm synthesized bass, and organic, entrancing strings. They have also been noted for their unique visual aesthetic and magnetic, mystical live performances.

Midnight River is their latest single. The video is drected by Jovan Todorovic and the cinematography is by Damjan Radovanovic. The choreography is by Alexandra Green.

Featured image by Eliot Lee Hazel

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