Teeth is a dark multi-awarded animated short film directed, written, designed, animated, and produced by Daniel Gray & Tom Brown, featuring the voice of Richard E. Grant.

Things of worth are often neglected in favour of that which might be more immediately gratifying. Unfortunately, the things that are neglected are often lost forever, irreplaceable. This is the story of a man with a misguided and intense focus – one which started in his youth and carried on to old age. His life events are chronicled through the loss of his teeth – and how his obsessive efforts to amend what was damaged bring on yet further destruction.


UK born Directing Duo Tom Brown and Daniel Gray met in a Welsh film school in 2003. Their first short film “T.O.M.” won numerous awards across International Film Festivals including Sundance, Ottawa, Annecy, and the British Animation Awards. They have been working together ever since under the name of Holbrooks, initially in an old church converted studio in Wales. Holbrooks use of mixed media animation in combination with ideas-led design typifies the work of an ambitious and provocative studio that creates beautiful things, but never for the sake of beauty alone. Behind every frame they produce, there is thoughtfulness, integrity and value. Holbrooks paints from a broad spectrum of hues — from the lurid to the luminescent, — always with the goal of building narrative richness. They seek to inspire viewers’ continued thought and conversation than to provide tidy endings to their stories. They love working in the short form; where economy is essential, one must be ruthlessly compelling to make an impact with lasting resonance. In every form and duration, Holbrooks seeks to engage with the power of honesty and sensitivity.

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