Act of Love

Act of Love

Perhaps humans talk too much. We use too many words and misunderstand each other. We think too much and end up feeling afraid. But animals don’t worry over their decisions. They act out of need and express themselves instinctively. This is pure strength, and primal love. But whether human or animal, loving means taking action.

With that in mind, Japanese condom brand Sagami, published The Act of Love, a multi-faceted and visually stunning animal courtship dictionary of 73 different species from all over the world. Sometimes comical, sometimes bittersweet, animal courtship behaviors not only give us a glimpse into the secrets of the natural world but also reminds us that we as human beings are animals, too.

The supporting video illustrates animal courtships interpreted by humans and was directed by Greg Brunkalla of Stink production company, with creative by White Briefs, choreography by Russell Maliphant, and sound design by Mad Planet.

The Act of Love was nominated for Advertising & Media / Features / Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics in the Webbys 2016.

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