Filip D. Jensen

Filip D. Jensen

Filip D. Jensen is an artist living and creating in Sweden. He was born in 1989 in Eskilstuna, Sweden and was raised in several European counties including Italy and Poland. A self-taught artist, graduated from Malardalen University in Eskilstuna, Sweden with a bachelor degree in innovation and a bachelor of engineering degree in product design. His artworks are created using acrylics, sometimes mixed media.

In his own words:

A word that could be used to summarize my art is “contrast”. Both when it comes to the visual aspect of it and the themes that I tend to depict. Visually, I often mix smooth details with bold brushstrokes, flat surfaces with textures and layers. At the same time what I am trying to discuss through my work is the mental state of the human being, its condition, yet in order to discuss it, I like to use the physical form – the body. In other words, I would like to discuss the inner state or condition of the human being using the outer, physical form as a medium. My figures are often deformed in this way or another, their bodies often seem raw and unstable. The figures that I depict are often suspended in rather unfamiliar environments. One of the themes I like to discuss is the relation between the environment and the person, however it is the person I want to focus on in this relation. An important part of my process is the balance between the conscious and unconscious part of it, by which I mean that my primary vision of a painting can be drastically changed in the process in a way of an unconscious improvisation. At the same time the composition as a whole is thought through and planned.

This is a sample of his work
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