Hsin Wang

Hsin Wang

Hsin Wang is a Taiwanese fine art photographer based in Brooklyn. She has been interested in visualizing her personal stories through photography, by incorporating everyday objects to create metaphoric and symbolic images. Hsin is noted for using muted color palette, graphics, and manipulation of negative space. Her works are characterized as minimal, elegant, and provocative. Hsin Wang had been selected to attend the 27th of Eddie Adams workshop and 2014 New York Times Portfolio Review. Hsin also received Paula Rhodes Memorial Awards for exceptional achievement in Digital Photography, School of Visual Arts.

In her latest series under the title De-Selfing, Hsin has been using her photography to create a visual representation of her feelings about romantic relationships.

In her own words:

After a major break up, I deeply believed that if I didn’t transform myself into a more likeable woman, there would be no more happiness in my life. So I started to dispose of everything that defined the old “me”-things I did, said, and even believed. I chose to “de-self” myself in order to please potential romantic partners. Creating the images in De-Selfing has been a therapeutic process for me. Since starting the project, I have picked myself up piece by piece, gotten my confidence back, and been able to hear my own voice again.


This is a sample of her work
All images © Hsin Wang

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