Small House On Tracks

Small House On Tracks

SMALL HOUSE ON TRACKS is a concept which’s main aim is to bring back to life a post industrial area of historic Gdańsk Shipyard, in Poland.

Using the remaining railway, Tomasz Zabłotny and Paweł Maszota, want to introduce a mobile living units system that enables fully adaptable organisation of the space, depending on the current use of what once used to be called Art Colony. The area is well known for numerous cultural events throughout the year and many artists and activists come to participate in the process of creative development of the site. Their idea is to create and modulate a transformable housing complex so that a certain part of the post industrial area would always be a liveable and comfortable space for artist, interns, workers or simply those, to whom the unique atmosphere of the site would appeal.

All images © Tomasz Zabłotny/Paweł Maszota

Paweł Maszota is a young architect and designer from Gdynia, Poland who studied Architecture and Urban Design at the Gdańsk University of Technology. Tomasz Zabłotny is also an architect and designer and has studied Architecture at the ETSAMadrid in Spain and the Universität Stuttgart in Germany.

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