Polish architect Aleksander Kawiński has designed a smart, mobile, afforfable and ready-to-assemble dwelling system that does not require foundation and is dedicated to young people who want to make a new start.

The smallest and basic version, M2, has a 15m² (161ft²) terrace and a 25m² (269ft²) interior. It is delivered to the customer fully assembled and ready for occupation. To set the module it is recommended to hire a crane in order to set the object to the appropriate place. All mounting hardware needed to assemble the module is supplied by the manufacturer. The estimated time of installation and connection, assuming that the assembly will need two men and a crane, is about one business day. The module comes complete with a kitchenette, bathroom and sanitary facilities as well as furniture which are an integral part of the product (price does not include the electrical appliances in the kitchen).


M2 is made from materials like polyurethane and is insulated with triple-layered windows. It can be dismantled and transported again and again. It is modular and can be expanded.

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  1. That is pretty cool! I'd like one of these!

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