Mini forTwo

Ekokoncept’s MINI forTWO is an energy-efficient wooden house that can be used, for instance, as a garden office or a small holiday home.

It is constructed from Slovenian spruce, it is well insulated and equipped with high quality aluminium framed windows and doors. Its shape is reminiscent of a classical Slovene steep roof house and blends well in an urban or rural environment. A large glass façade on the side of the house provides plenty of light while makes it possible for two units to be combined. The form and materials used are designed to be able to withstand severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain and snow. The minimalist interior comprises wooden floors, a small kitchenette and a toilet.

All images © ekokoncept/Dragan Zlatanović

The external dimensions 2,45m x 2,95m x 2,85m make it possible for MINI forTWO to be transported in one piece, thus minimising package waste and time of the assembly on site. The interior height is at a standing standard even in the lowest point. Once placed on the plot, it needs simply to be connected to the outside source of electricity and water and it is ready to be used. MINI forTwo was awarded with an Honourable Mention at the 2015 RED DOT Product Design Awards.

Ekokoncept has been designing and building family prefabricated houses since 1998. They believe in environment-friendly and energy-efficient building materials and in the utilization of renewable energy sources. The Ekokoncept prefabricated houses are made in Slovenia using modern cutting-edge technology.


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