Alexandra Sophie

Alexandra Sophie

Alexandra Sophie is a 23 years old self-taught photographer born in Belfort, France. She has been taking photographs from a very young age but what led to her professional relationship with photography, started as a personal quest to capture images that would prove to everyone that love, innocence, fragility and kindness are still around us. Her beautiful dream-like imagery did not go unnoticed for long and posting her work on art platforms soon led to exhibitions, awards, commercial projects and many, many followers. Having exhibited in group and solo exhibitions all over Europe, Japan and the US, Alexandra Sophie now lives both a fast life in the world’s major cities where her job takes her to shoot and speak or exhibit, and a slower paced life in her cottage in the French countryside with her children, husband, and chicken. She likes contradictions and in her latest work she is exploring issues such as identity, sexuality and feminism.

This is a sample of her work
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  1. Her work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing x

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