Malu Moletom

Malu Moletom

Malu Moletom is a heart-warming short animated film directed by Fábio Acorsi, Ricardo Carelli and Marisa Ditleff.

It is a story about a little girl who lives in a place where everyone wears all the clothes they have, all at the same time. Nobody realizes that having so many clothes is excessive. When the sun goes down, mysterious earthquakes threaten the city. And, thanks to her curiosity, Malu Moletom finds out a secret that nobody could ever imagine.

The film was created by the Vetor Zero studio and Lew Lara TBWA agency for the 2016 Winter Clothing Drive of the state of São Paulo charity. It is a campaign to remind people to donate their unused clothes to the homeless and those in need this winter. The audio production is by Animal.

You can check out how Malu Moletom, the short film of the 2016 Winter Clothing Drive, was made here.

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