IRØN MODVM is a striking short film by dance filmmaker Derek Pedrós. It is his personal interpretation of Iron Skulls, a dance project than he has seen grow and evolve over the years. A transition between dances, establishing itself as a fresh and inspiring proposal. For him, Iron Skulls is a group of people with different preferences and journeys that set a way together, beyond the dance. A union that feeds with their differences, and strengthens of their individual experiences.

Derek Pedrós is dance filmmaker and photographer. Born and trained as a photographer in Tenerife, Spain, he soon decided to move to Barcelona, ​​where he managed to develop himself professionally in the context of portraiture, fashion and advertising. He has exhibited his work in cities like Berlin, Dakar, Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In 2009 he became interested in the field of video as an extension to photography. His specialization in dance as a video director, came after having spend 11 years as a dancer in Barcelona and Tenerife. His latest collaborations include the Festival de Danza Canarios Dentro y Fuera, Danza Sismògraf de Olot, Rotativa Performing Arts, Lali Ayguade and Physical Momentum Project.

Iron Skulls is an experimental dance group from Barcelona; born in 2012 and composed by dancers from all over the Iberian península.


  1. Increíble! Cuántas diferencias y cómo cambia nuestra visión del mundo; bueno, la mía por lo menos. Gracias. Con permiso siempre, volveré.

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