The Echo Yurt

Echo Yurt

The Echo Yurt is the latest addition to Echo Living’s growing building collection. It is inspired by the traditional Mongolian style yurt and was designed for Loch Ken Eco Bothies, who had identified the perfect site by the side of a lochan and with planning permission for their land to site caravans, they needed a building which could comply with the planning criteria for a caravan.

Echo Living designed for them the Echo Yurt, an elegant building, made just for two. Taking the Yurt’s circular form and low eaves they created what they like to think of as “the echo of a yurt”. They’ve added insulated walls roof and floor; double glazed windows; sedum roof; a fully fitted shower room and hand built kitchen with integrated appliances to provide self contained accommodation; solar panels to provide off grid power; and finally, they designed and engineered the structure to comply with the caravan construction standard BS3632 to produce an idyllic, rental experience.

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Prefabricated in Echo’s workshop, the building was ingeniously designed to be divided into two symmetrical sections for delivery, and was built on two separate steel sub frames. Once completed, the building was separated along the master joint and transported to site in two halves; these were both lifted into position onto pre-prepared ground and bolted together. With its own integrated shower room, hand built kitchen, built in bed and entrance porch, the Echo Yurt is entirely autonomous, and the additional, stepped decking extends the indoor/outdoor space to the edge of the pond providing a perfect setting for outside dining and the private, wood-fired, solid timber, hot tub installed on a specially reinforced section of the deck.!echo-yurt/oysz5

Echo Living is the venture of multidisciplinary designer Sam Booth, and aims to promote elegance and efficiency in sustainable, small scale living.


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