The “Survivor” is a lovely comedy ad, made for IKEA by the Italian ad agency Auge and the production company (H)FILMS. The campaign is directed by Pensacola, a music video and commercials directing duo formed by Pau Suris & Pau Dalmases currently based in NYC.

Cezare, the male protagonist, finds himself in an unusual situation where coming up with new ideas is the only way to survive.

The film is the last episode of IKEA’s “Gustati la vita” ongoing Italian campaign. The film ends with the message “Oggi è il giorno giusto per #coltivarenuoveidee” which translates in English to “Today is the Right Day to #cultivatenewideas”. The ad features the song “Don’t touch me tomato” by George Symonette.

The advert comes along with a little sequel too. Enjoy!


  1. Well worth watching. I will put a sign on the toms in my garden and hope the squirrels and birds can read the words of the song.

  2. This is absolutely awesome!

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