Glowing Between Shadows


Frantics is an experimental dance company. Their name comes from the Spanish Word “Frenesí” and its definition is the violent exaltation of a passion or a feeling. The company was created at the end of 2013 in Berlin and its members are from Italy, Spain and Greece. Their styles range from b-boying to contemporary dance, house, ballet, hip hop, acrobatics and turf. Together they started a long journey to reproduce real emotions through their movement, words through their gestures, and learn how to give their souls to the eyes of the spectators, blending in techniques of improvisation. Their goal is to create visual experiences with a real impact to the public.

Glowing Between Shadows is their latest video. The film direction, cinematography and editing is made by Keren Chernizon (Projeto SOLO), a Berlin based photographer specializing in Dance Photography.


  1. Hermoso, muy hermoso.

  2. good... I just want to dance too...incredible energy...
    Thank you for sharing it!!

  3. Just fantastic. I wish I was young again.

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