TODAY is a smart social satire short directed by Jin Angdoo, starring Amélie Arbouin and voices of Holly Meyrick and Ben Tomlin. Written by Matt Prins and Jin Angdoo, the film tells the story of a 30-something year-old girl who’s stuck in an endless loop of today.

Jin Angdoo lived the first decade of her life in Korea, the second in Los Angeles and the third in Europe (currently in Paris, France). If she could do it all over again, she’d be an astronaut or a dog rehabilitator like Cesar Millan. But for now, she works as a director, making TV commercials, online films, occasional music videos and personal films. When she is not directing, she is an animator, a plant collector, a traveler and an artist. Along with her partner Mathieu Julien, they document all their experimental art and design projects, made in the spirit of amateur curiosity and enthusiasm on Amateurs, their shared endeavor. Jin is also blogging about her interests and projects, thoughts, dreams and hopes here.

All images © Jin Angdoo/TODAY


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  2. Great, very recognisable too... Not sure if that's a good thing ;-)

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