​Lisa Kotoulas

​Lisa Kotoulas

Lisa Kotoulas was born in Sydney, Australia in 1970. At the age of 22 she earned her BA in Economics & Philosophy from the University of New South Wales, where she returned in 2012, for her MA in Painting from its College of Fine Arts. Lisa has been short listed for many awards and has exhibited extensively in Australia. Last year she had her first exhibition in London, UK and this summer her work will be exhibited in Sydney at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery (10 – 21 August).


In her own words:

Expression and gesture remain the primary focus of my work. It is within these still moments of  suspended time, an exploration of Self and Identity is possible. Engaging in moments where the masquerades of daily life are disrupted, aiming to create spaces of reflection, I consider the canvas as a type of mirror. The occasionally confronting images facilitate a gateway of deep introspection. Convinced that answers can only emerge by looking outward, I attempt to seize instances where emotion is unlocked. Distracted by the idea of time, I find myself consumed in a place where past meets present, present distorts past and timelines are absent. I am intrigued by this disorientation. My artwork continues to reflect a place where the real and imagined collide. A place where reality is indistinguishable from the fabricated. A place where consciousness meets subconsciousness meets unconsciousness.

This is a sample of her work
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