Morteza Niknahad

Morteza Niknahad

Morteza Niknahad is a self taught photographer born in 1984 in Bandar Abbasssouth of Iran, who originally studied computer engineering. After taking part in a film directing workshop, he worked in television and began to make movies. For the past 3 years he has been focused on photography. His genre is stage photography which is a preference coming from his interest in cinema and narration. His work has been shown in group exhibitions and has been featured in a number of online publications. Over the last 9 months, Morteza has published 3 collections in his Instagram gallery: “Individual World”, “Exit Permission” and “South Pole”. He is currently working fulltime for his latest project which is a collection titled “Ice Factory”. All 4 collections are quite close and are based on the contemporary world, human condition and relationships. His images don’t intend to analyze, they are looking for revelation and are open to argument, something that Morteza feels is closer to his own personality.

In his own words:

Discovery is an exciting issue for me though sometimes I get tired of asking questions and let them go before driving myself crazy. I should say that something that motivate me and give me joy is working. The best part is seeing the result of work and loving it. When I feel bad, I work. Therefore I always feel bad (smiles) but starting a project is my remedy. When I’m not good, I think it’s better to reflect this mood in my project even if this reflection would be untraceable for audience.

This is a sample of his work
All images © Morteza Niknahad


  1. Stunning photographs. Thank you for introducing me to this artist!

  2. Yes, fascinating work!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this artists! I love his work! Wow!

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