The Routine

The Routine

“The Routine” is a fantastic short animated dark comedy by Delaney Januzzi. The music theme “My Love” was composed and written by MJ LaVine, Abby Lyons, and Louis Coy, the voice is by Abby Lyons and you can find it here.

The film follows the story of a loyal and dedicated housewife who finds ongoing patterns in her life. Warning: this film has mildly graphic images.

Delaney Januzzi is a BFA3 student of character animation, visual development and design at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). She loves drawing, villains, flowers, outdoor adventures, books, animals, and bad jokes. And she is incredibly talented we have to add.

All images © Delaney Januzzi


  1. The strange, macabre cartoon is peculiarly satisfying.

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