Fear paralyses

Fear paralyses

“Fear paralyses” is a powerful PSA film from Switzerland, directed by Martin Werner for the Jung von Matt/Limmat AG creative agency and the NGO Pro Infirmis. The direction of photography is by Thomas Juul and the production by Pumpkin Film.

Some 800,000 people in Switzerland are currently being treated for an anxiety disorder. Those affected may suffer from repeated panic attacks or agoraphobia. So much so, that they are barely able to actively participate in social life. Fear – a serious disability.

The film is part of an awareness campaign, which calls attention to anxiety disorders and wants to reduce the stigma of mental disability. The campaign concludes with the message “Let’s talk about it: #FearParalyses”.


Pro Infirmis is the largest professional organization dealing with the issues of disability and inclusion in Switzerland. The association is based in Zurich and was founded in 1920. They advise, accompany and support people with disabilities and their families across country and their vision is one of an inclusive society, which recognizes the diversity of the people as a strength.

Martin Werner is one of Scandinavia’s most awarded and highly sought after directors. He has won Grand Prix in New York Film Festivals, Grand Prix in Eurobest and Epica as well as a Gold Lion at Cannes Lions Festival 2015.

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