Olivier Ramonteu

Olivier Ramonteu

Olivier Ramonteu is a fine art photographer from Lyon, France. After graduating in Modern Literature and Communication, he worked as a literature teacher and a communication manager for the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon and a head of communications for the Lawyer Bar Association in Lyon. In 2013, he decided to get his photographic activity in the foreground by becoming a full time professional photographer. His photography therefore is shared between personal and commissioned work. His universe subtly blends elements of reality and dream-like atmospheres in which conflicting elements often flow together. The aesthetic that he develops takes place in an unstable equilibrium at the borders of reality, dream and nightmare. The fantasy genre is never far away, introducing doubt in the viewers eyes and questions about the reality of what is being looked at. His sources of inspiration come from literature (Maupassant, Poe, Dostoevsky, Mallarmé), movies (Tim Burton), painting (Gustave Moreau), mythology, religion, and photography (Tim Walker, Brooke Shaden, etc). He also likes to practice portrait photography, not necessarily searching for psychological truth, but primarily driven by the pleasure of meeting each other. He likes to watch the seduction and defense mechanisms that each individual puts in place when confronted with this intrusion into the private sphere that the photographic act constitutes. He has also worked on commissions for visual artists, actors, musicians, journals, magazines, advertising and communications agencies. His work has been exhibited in Lyon, Annecy, Grenoble and Paris in France and has been featured in numerous print and online publications.

In his own words:

I define my photographic approach as a messenger, carrying through my photographs a sense that I want to reveal to others. For this, my world is often based on real elements with which a fantastic atmosphere, unreal, will come to interfere. I seek to create tension between the rational world we know and the strangeness of its borders.


This is a sample of his work
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  1. Love his artworks! Such a fantasy!

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