Rikardo Druškić

Rikardo Druškić

Rikardo Druškić was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1990, but spent most of his life in Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started drawing as a high school student in 2009. Since then, he has created over three hundred works in digital art, illustrations, acryl and murals, establishing himself as a young productive artist and exhibiting in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad (New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Taiwan). In 2014, Rikardo had his first solo exhibition “Story of Love” at the Gallery Boris Smoje in Sarajevo, took part in the group exhibitions “The Wall” at the Sarajevo Historical Museum and “Post-election trauma” at the Bosnian Cultural Center in Sarajevo, was among the winners of a group exhibition in New York Gallery 25N (later moved to the Memorial House of Svetozar Corovic in Mostar), reached the final stage of the Art Revolution Competition in Taipei, and had two of his artworks selected by the see.mee global art platform and displayed on the screens of Times Square in New York.  In 2015 he had his second solo exhibition titled “Where’s the exit?” at the Gallery of contemporary art “JAVA” in Sarajevo, won the first place in the abstract art category at the international competition of Art-Competition.net, second place in the competition “Imagination” organized by the Mind Magazine, took part in the development of visuals on the facade of the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and joined the art movement “Visuals for Museum”. At the moment, twenty of Rikardo’s paintings are permanently exhibited at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts (LACDA) and he recently illustrated a collection of poems by Zdravko Ostojić. His great interest in mural painting and street art resulted in his participation at the Street Art festivals in Sarajevo and Mostar.


This is a sample of his work
All images © Rikardo Druškić


  1. I'll second that 'fantastic!'

  2. Oh I really liked his style! So much colors, motives, pattern... On one hand some parts reminds me of other artists, on the other hand it's completely different from everything I seen! Great!

  3. I love his work, definitely going in my inspo.

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