Raoul Vignal - Hazy Days

Raoul Vignal - Hazy Days

Raoul Vignal is a 26 year old musician, born in Lyon, France. He began performing solo in 2010 and in 2013 he left Lyon for a two years stay in Berlin, where he worked as a singer/songwriter, doing concerts, recordings and collaborations that led him to perform in several European countries. In 2015 he composed the soundtrack to the film “Sweet Water of Memory”, directed by Carlos Vin Lopes. His first album “The Silver Veil”, recorded at Klangbild Studios, Berlin, is set for release this fall. The 10 tracks contained therein are intended to be an expression of intense but nostalgic acoustic music, driven by refined arrangements. Soothing vocals and a delicate fingerpicking technique stand as his trademarks in composition. His music has many times been referred to as “visual” and “evocative”.


“Hazy Days” is the first single from his upcoming album. The video is directed and edited by Anne-Laure Etienne.

All images © Anne-Laure Etienne/Raoul Vignal – Hazy Days

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