Anomie Belle - Lovers

Anomie Belle - Lovers

Anomie Belle is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer who writes, records and produces her solo work. Originally a classically trained violinist and songwriter, Anomie began recording her own music as a child. Her material grapples with issues ranging from suburban alienation to the human condition, sexuality, and critiques of corporate power.

“Lovers” is the first single from her new album “Flux” out on August 26th. “Lovers is about queer sexuality and intimacy that challenges normative conceptions of relationships,” says Anomie. “As an artistic representation of desire, ‘Lovers’ embodies feelings of both tension and beauty that are inherent in the complexity of intimacy.” Anomie is openly queer and throughout her work she blurs typical representations of sexuality. The video is directed by Paco Li Calzi and created in collaboration with Anthon Smith and Roxanna Walitzki.

A haunting and darkly sexy portrait of beautiful alienation, Flux is an interdisciplinary art project exploring disillusionment and the search for identity. Accompanying the album, an art book comprised of 14 visual art pieces features new works from Marco Mazzoni, Redd Walitzki, Mark Demsteader, Kari-Lise Alexander, Casey Weldon, Meredith Marsone, Alessandra Maria, Alex Garant, Alpay Efe, Januz Miralles, Maria Teicher, Antonio Velfin, Alexandra Becker-Black and Zin Lim. Each piece is a portrait of Anomie and her music. Provocative and immersive, both the music and art convey a deeply honest, sensual, imaginative and complex set of surreal landscapes. Anomie says, “Through music and art, we can uncover the more complicated, intuitive, vulnerable, or unresolved parts of human experience that we don’t always express on the surface. Through constantly evolving, dreamlike and intimate musical landscapes, I try to juxtapose fragility with desire, struggle with self-knowledge, and complacence with wisdom.”

With each artist, Anomie explored common themes and inspirations so the visual art would feel deeply connected to the music. If music and art can act as an avenue for uncovering hidden parts of human experience, Anomie uncovers the dark and sinister, the vulnerable, contradictory, spiritual and sensual. Her music grapples with intimacy and queerness, our emotional experiences of a culture that values profit over people, and the passive guilt of an unsustainable lifestyle that is destructive to our natural environment.

The exhibition opening and album preview will be on August 5th at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, and runs until September 10th.

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