Pablo Maestres

Pablo Maestres is a 1986 born filmmaker and photographer who began working as a photographer in the Barcelona music scene and quickly moved into making music videos for local bands. His videos have been screened at music and cinema festivals around the world, receiving critical acclaim, awards and distinctions. “Devil Fool” won Best Music Video of 2012 at Spain’s Musiclip Festival, “All That” was shortlisted for the Young Director Award in Cannes, his spot for Delpozo was selected by Business of Fashion as one of the best fashion films of the year and “Fantasía” was once again shortlisted for the Cannes Young Director Awards, the UK Music Video Awards 2015 (Art direction & Visual effects) and won Best International Music Video in the Seeyousound International Music Film Festival. Last year Pablo won the First Prize of the seventh theme for Life Framer II photographic competition, which invited entrants to produce images that forget the past, put the future on hold, and focus on the now – a detail, an expression, an action, a feeling. Pablo is passionate about music and photography and his work is based on capturing spontaneous moments mixed with surreal influences, bodies falling or rising, floating or exploding. Living in a world of bright colours that show fragments of stories, culminating in a unique voice that is distinctly his own. He has worked as a freelancer for a number of production companies and collaborates with companies such as Friend and Primo.

This is a sample of his photographic work
All images © Pablo Maestres

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