Plaster (Gips in dutch) is a short comedy film written by Martijn Hillenious and directed by Jeroen Houben, based on an idea they had together. The direction of photography is by Gregg Telussa and the production is by New Amsterdam. The film titles and logo were handwritten and created by Marianne Lock. Jeroen not only directed the film, but also composed and performed the song “Si le monde n’attend pas” which you can hear towards the end of the film, sung by Gabriella Van Der Lans.

The film tells a sweet, nostalgic and easy to relate to story, about Pelle, a 12 year old boy who breaks his arm just before he goes on holiday with his parents. When he comes across a potential summer romance, Pelle realises he can’t stay a wallflower forever.

Being part of the NTR Kort! program, the film premiered in the Golden Calf competition of the Dutch Film Festival in 2015. It was also shown at the prestigious Palm Springs ShortFest 2016, and was released online on Short Of The Week.

Jeroen’s Vimeo

Jeroen Houben (1987) is a film, music video and commercials director based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2011. The son of a television and camera salesman, Jeroen’s fascination with cinema began at a very early age. He shot his first film at 8 years old and never looked back. A graduate in both graphic design and film, his work is characterised by distinctive art direction, humorous visual effects & understated comic performance. Jeroen has directed commercials for IKEA, ALBERT HEIJN, SMITHS, RADIO 3FM, AMSTEL, C&A and VODAFONE, and made music videos for DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDIG, YELLOW CLAW, RONNIE FLEX, SEF and YOUNG & SICK. In 2011, Jeroen collaborated with creatives Stefan van den Boogaard and Tim Arts on the 48 Hour Film PAGE 23, which won the competition and went on to gain international attention and several awards. In 2013, Jeroen’s short SORRY won the UPC Fiction Award at the Netherlands Film Festival. In 2015, HOME SUITE HOME and GIPS both premiered there in the Golden Calf competition.

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