Cabin Spacey

Cabin Spacey

Cabin Spacey is a puristic and concentrated form of a single pre-fab housing module introducing a whole new genre in urban and escape dwellings by attaching smart modular cabins to cities’ existing infrastructure – rooftops, parking decks, gable walls, temporary lots.

The Spacey cabin is smart, modular and especially designed to focus on the essentials you need for a high premium living experience in its concentrated measures (20m²/215ft²). It is built with a functional unit that provides bed, bathroom and kitchen in one innovative block. The cabins are noninvasive and can be installed on a temporary basis. Furthermore their mobile size allows for regular transport and mass production as a standard product. The concept aims to provide a conscious young generation of educated singles and couples with the flexible housing solution they deserve, while at the same time, enable cities to apply a resource-efficient development to keep up with growing demands for sustainable urban space and the smart green agenda.

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Germany based CABIN SPACEY, has been diving deep into the field of modern, digital lifestyles to find out what the real DNA of living demands are today. Extracting these components and pouring them into one product – a shelter for the digital nomad – is the vision of the CABIN SPACEY team; Simon Becker (Architect & Designer), Andreas Rauch (Architect) & Sebastian Dehling (Business Design).

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