Clare Elsaesser

Clare Elsaesser

Clare Elsaesser was born in 1982 in Pasadena, California. After attending public art high school in Los Angeles, she went to Boston for college, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Clare recently moved to the beautiful hillside town of Inverness, California with her artist husband Kai Samuels-Davis, where they are in the process of renovating their new house and art studios.

This is a sample of her work
All images © Clare Elsaesser


  1. Very different. I like that.

  2. I lived in Pasadena a very long time ago - 340 North Maringo. Not far from City Hall, Foot Hill Blvd., Colorado St. I was 10 - 1947 - and I was disappointed when we moved.

  3. [1st pic] Refreshingly on fire :)

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