Donate Life

Donate Life

Donate Life America’s latest campaign launched by The Martin Agency, is a black comedy short film, under the provocative title “The World’s Biggest Asshole”. Starring actor Thomas Jane and with a voiceover by actor Will Arnett, the film is directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon (via Furlined) and the direction of photography is by Jeff Cutter.

And while the black comedy genre may not seem like the most obvious choice when encouraging organ donation, the film is about to reach 1.5 million views on Youtube. So on the rare occasion you haven’t watched this already, here you go.

The strategy behind the campaign is to reframe a conversation most people want to ignore in order to motivate people to sign up to become an organ donor. Donate Life has seen a drop in millennials signing the paperwork to agree to be an organ donor in recent years. According to the organization, 120,000 men, women & children are awaiting organ donation in the U.S. right now. The campaign is designed to act as a wakeup call that will reinforce how easy saving a life can be, while pointing out that almost anyone can do it — even a total jerk.

The campaign also features a mural painted by Duncan Robertson, the making of which you can see here. To register as a organ donor in the US today, click here, it only takes about a minute.

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