Fridge Princess

Fridge Princess

“Fridge Princess” is a 2D animated short film, created by student collective Oxozone Children, within less than 3 weeks, during their first year at the Sheridan College. The film is inspired by the children in their lives and the music is by Glitch The Game.

Oxozone Children is a group of now third year students studying Classical Animation at the Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada: Mauricio Castano, Airin Budiman, Ruby Poon, Ruby Xia, Michelle Oh, Tale Do and Steven Li. Their group members come from all over the world, from the Czech Republic, Brazil, Indonesia and Canada. With a broad worldview and desire to improve, their goal is to create films that touch people at the core. Fridge Princess has been making its way into festivals around the world over the course of the past year.

All images © Oxozone Children/Fridge Princess

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