After three years of research and development, Austin­-based housing startup KASITA, revealed its prototype and was awarded the 2016 SXSW Innovation Award in the Smart Cities category. Named one of 2016’s Most Innovative Companies, KASITA is transforming urban living, designing and fabricating housing that is more affordable, adaptable and efficient than anything offered by the status quo.


KASITA’s futuristic metal and glass housing units measure approximately 300ft² (28m²), catering to the increasing numbers of one and two person households in today’s cities. Units are packed with amenities, smart home tech and custom furnishings that take advantage of every cubic inch of space. Because they are mass­produced, construction costs are kept low and quality high. KASITA units are quickly attached to a patent pending plug­and­play rack, which can be set up in days and quickly hooked up to utility lines. The racks slide into underutilized or unused urban lots that are too small for conventional housing development.

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“Urban housing is perhaps the single most important factor in facing the economic, environmental and social challenges that face humanity today” said KASITA founder and CEO Jeff Wilson, the former dean of Huston-Tillotson University, aka “Professor Dumpster” who lived in a 33ft² dumpster for a year to determine how little space and stuff a person needs to live a happy life. As the world’s populations urbanize, urban cores are facing extreme housing shortages, driving up housing costs and driving out the middle class as well as artists, creatives, immigrants and young professionals who are the cultural capital that make cities great. “Every aspect of KASITA ­­ from its high tech prefabricated construction to its ability to set up quickly on discounted land ­­ was designed to create both an amazing living experience and produce development and living costs that crush traditional site building in terms of affordability” Wilson said. He believes KASITA is a complete break from the current way housing is made and developed, bringing to bear the innovative spirit commonplace in tech to the housing market.

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