Fanny Nushka

Fanny Nushka

Fanny Nushka Moreaux is a figurative painter born in 1983 in Lille, France. She took her first painting lessons as a teenager with the American painter Maggie Siner who taught her the mechanics of colors and whom Nushka still considers her mentor. Since then Nushka went on to study Political Science in Science Po and Cultural Management in HEC Paris and worked as a contemporary art gallery manager. In the meantime though, eager to learn everywhere and anywhere, she continued to paint alongside artists such as the American painter Zawacky who introduced her to the art of geometry and Hashpa with whom she explored the delicate art of composition and sensuality. Hence the reason why Nushka’s brush is a perfect combination of American and European inspirations, a duality that characterizes the originality of her work. Having been painting for over a decade, Nushka decided to dedicate herself to painting in 2014. She views creation as a whole, as the result of a multilateral knowledge. Her paintings show and represent multiple aspects of a single subject: iconic beauty, idealized, remote and untouchable presented through a veil, that questions the importance of the subject in the existence of the scene. The viewer is called close to the brush strokes and coldly left out, a movement that characterizes all of her work and reflects her own personality. Having had group and solo exhibitions in France and abroad, Nushka is now a happy, self-taught, full-time painter, living and working in Marseille, Southern France.

In her own words:

My inspirations come from aesthetics, beauty and women. Representation of the body is recurrent in my work. A predominantly female body I explore in all its forms: faces, busts, fragments… The narrative is not essential for me. I enclose the body of my subjects in abstract structures, diagonals, verticals. I use perspective lines as if they were the backbone of my new models. I play on contrasts: sensitive, sensual, timeless topics. And vivid, dynamic and contemporary brushstrokes.

This is a sample of her work
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