Ebony Finck

Ebony Finck

Ebony Finck (b.1987) is an Australian-based emerging visual artist. After completing her Advanced Diploma of Photography in 2015 at Photography Studies College Southbank, she divides her time between her own practice and commercial projects. Her portrait of her late grandfather, from the 2015 series Juncture, won the Life Framer’s Human Body award, sharing this news with Len, his eyes shone with pride. Len passed away eight weeks later, a week before her exhibition. Ebony and her grandfather shared a special bond, having lived next door for most of her childhood and helping raise herself and her brother, she describes Len as her Ersatz father. The news that Len had 2 – 18 months to live coincided with her final year of photography school, where Ebony felt that picking up her camera was the only way she could try to make sense of the situation. Juncture can be seen as their last exploration together, a poetic visual exploration reflecting on the transience of life and the experience of facing your mortality. Ebony has begun photographing again, developing upon the images and concepts within Juncture, investigating our relationship with love and loss in association with grief.

In her own words:

Our mortality is the universal commonality that connects all life. When death enters our lives, it can evoke uncertainty, fear and a torrent of emotions. As a loved one prepares to die, we are confronted with the realisation that we must look forward, and yet the past collides with the future skewing it from view.


This is a sample of her work from the “Juncture” series
All images © Ebony Finck

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