Eau Savage - Tribute to a Legend


“Eau Savage – Tribute to a Legend” is a single minute animation film designed, directed and illustrated by Matthieu Lelièvre (H5) in collaboration with David & Oerd (David Devaux and Oerd van Cuijlenborg) and animated by Studio Wanda (Sébastien Pribile, Cyril Drouin and Julie), for Dior’s Eau Sauvage men’s fragrance. Crafted in the colours of the French tricolor flag, the film is sleek and fluid. The music theme is “J’aime regarder les filles” by Patrick Coutin, mixed by the Kouz Production music studio.

Tribute to 50 years of iconic images embodied by irreverent heroes.

A revolution in 1966 when it was first introduced, Eau Sauvage has become one of the great classics of the Dior House, absolutely wild and resolutely sensual, with balance between natural simplicity and timeless elegance.

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