Loudini is a short comedy film written & directed by Conor Byrne and produced by Tyler Byrne of Brudder Films, starring Henry Zebrowski, Allyn Rachel, Robert Lee and Jakob Verweijand. The direction of photography is by Adam Newport-Berra. The film is part of the Ray-Ban eyewear brand’s #ItTakesCourage campaign, created by the Yours Truly Creative agency and also features the band Car Seat Headrest with a new song “Does It Feel Good (To Say Goodbye?)”.

This is a story about a man whose ability to bounce back from rejection is no illusion. See if a down-and-out magician can pull it together. Dust yourself off and try again, it’s all about the magic of resilience.


According to Ray-Ban, courage isn’t just about having the guts to jump out of a plane, get on stage, or down on one knee. Being courageous is owning that moment and accepting yourself for who you are, warts and all. Remember learning to ride a bike? The fear when you thought you could fall, and then that feeling when you didn’t? Yeah. That. Over the next six months, Ray-Ban invites you to discover six courageous acts on Ray-Ban.com that inspire and encourage all kinds of courage. It’s easy enough to coast through life without breaking a sweat, but deep down we know that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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