Cocoon Modules

Cocoon Modules

The container has been a controversial object due to its properties, use and impact on trade, shipping and storage. Its appearance marked a new era in various sectors including automation and shipping, which had and still have great influence on the global economy, minimizing the distances and eliminating the high cost of shipping. Over the past 50 years it has become a symbol of connecting populations, countries and continents.

Cocoon Modules is an experienced team of Greek architects and engineers that are rethinking the dwelling by up-cycling shipping containers and transforming them into living spaces such as holiday homes, hotel developments, industrial spaces and emergency/ safety housing among others.

Their modules promise to be energy efficient (with A class certification) and affordably priced, costing more than 15% cheaper than the prefabricated construction in Greece and 30% cheaper than the conventional housing construction. They can be built within weeks (1 – 4 months) in designated industrial spaces and can then be transported and placed on site. By using the modularity of the container they create anti-seismic ergonomic spaces of great design that can be expanded as legos do.

Cocoon Module’s proposal was exhibited as a finalist in the exhibition “A Shelter for Architecture” organized by the Greek Institute of Architects (GIANY) in New York and the team is currently in the process of building a 15m² (161ft²) prototype that can be used as an exhibit.


  1. It's a great idea, in my opinion, making the manufacturing more controlled. Twenty years ago I noticed Southern California contractors using modified containers as onsite offices - set in place with a rail truck and moved when the project was completed.

  2. Awesome! I absolutely *love* shipping container homes ... Hope to build my own some day! :)

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