Coulter Prehm

Coulter Prehm

Coulter (Colt) Prehm is a spiritual teacher, painter, speaker, writer and, above all else, a lover of God and people. He studied painting and drawing intensively for years out of a desire to be able to communicate fluently through the language of art. He has worked with contemporary master draftsmen and painters; most extensively with Tony Ryder who has been his primary influence. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, US with his wife Liz, Colt’s time is spent teaching on and spreading the love of Christ through whatever means possible. He teaches art workshops and seminars and his deepest desire is to see individuals move into new levels of intimacy with God and to grow in awareness of the presence of the divine. His work has been exhibited in galleries across the US and has been featured in publications in the US, Canada and Europe.

In his own words:

Art is a vehicle God has used for millennia to shape cultures and reveal aspects of His glory that can be communicated by no other means. No matter how grand or how simple the subject, God can be manifested through a work of art whose creator is wholly focused upon the Creator.

This is a sample of his work
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Coulter Prehm discusses his painting style, influences, purpose and his 2012 show at the Beals & Abbate Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe.


  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Real good. I like his thoughts which are floating in his way of painting. Inspiring!

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