Anne-Laure Etienne

Anne-Laure Etienne

Anne-Laure Etienne is a 24 years old French photographer. She studied photography at Lyon, France for two years and then studied graphics at the Saint-Luc Ecole Supérieure des Arts, in Liège, Belgium. After her studies, Anne-Laure decided to travel and spent a few months photographing Berlin, a city that she loves. Back in France, she worked as a photographer and continued to enrich her portfolio. She lives in the south of the Ardèche, a natural and wild region of south-central France, where she used to make most of her photographs. From October 15th to 31st, Anne-Laure’s work will be exhibited in the Galerie de la Tour in Lyon.

In her own words:

The human being is the main subject of my photographs. I like to relate body and soul, working on the symbolic as nature, putting man against his environment and explore how it fits. I am looking for anything that is the domain of the invisible, the ambiguity of the human being and his moods. The characters are represented here of the various elements, nature, water or air, represented by the clean white background. Through the picture, I recall the fundamental themes such as fulfillment, enclosing…

This is a sample of her work
All images © Anne-Laure Etienne

Recently Anne-Laure directed and edited Raoul Vignal’s video for “Hazy Days” which you can see here.

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