L'heure Du Thé

L'heure Du Thé

L’heure Du Thé (Tea Time) is a bittersweet stop motion animated film by Guillaume Blanchet. It is a film about adventure, freedom and resiliency, using simple objects of our daily lives.

It always takes courage to go and try again, to move on. Haven’t we all dared at some point? Each departure is a different story: a retiring employee, a young expatriate, someone who is no more, a couple that breaks up, a migrant willing to lose everything. Each exodus is a heady mix of melancholy and hope.

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Guillaume Blanchet is a Montreal-based filmmaker who loves simple ideas and stop motion. Born in 1977, Guillaume got a BA in philosophy and studied marketing and communications in Grenoble, France and Victoria, Canada. After ten years of working at the advertising industry as a copywriter (for companies such as Publicis Paris), he decided to spend more time on the direction of commercials and shorts. Since 2011 Guillaume is an independent filmmaker and copywriter. Guillaume inspires himself from daily objects and has a unique way of telling stories through motion, adventure, and emotion. His most recent three films (The Man Who Lived On His Bike, Elastika, Bounce) were selected for more than 250 festivals worldwide and have won more than 30 awards.

All images © Guillaume Blanchet/L’heure Du Thé


  1. So beautiful, moving and imaginative, thank you:)

  2. So very touching. I loved it.

  3. Aw it's cute and sad all at the same time :)

  4. Very imaginative. Thanks for posting this.

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