Daniel Catalano

Daniel Catalano

Daniel (Dan) Catalano is a 36 years old artist, born and raised in San Diego, USA. Coming from an artistic family and based on his love for drawing, Daniel was originally planning to study architecture but lost interest when he discovered that drafting was not done by hand. A childhood friend and an art teacher during his senior year of high school helped to instil a passion for making images and steered Daniel towards art school. He got his BFA and MFA from the Laguna College of Art and Design in California. He started off traditionally painting in the 17th century Dutch techniques, but as he grew older and refined his philosophy, his work became progressively more abstract. Daniel describes his work as a Nihilistic exploration of the nude figure as form and color assembled into non-narrative compositions. He is a full time artist and his work has been exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in California, Oregon and New Mexico.


In his own words:

My recent work, Kinesis, is inspired by the strange realities of quantum physics scaled to the visible world and the perception of reality and experience through new neurological discoveries into the processing of our environment and memory. The figures occupy multiple states within a dynamic environment, creating visual analogues of the phenomena of quantum decoherence and superposition. These works also reflect the compilation of visual and physical experiences over time. My current work, Figure Compositions, consist of single- and multi-figure compositions which eschew narrative in favor of non-objective structure. The use of the figure enables infinitely varying shape, color, and form as it is deployed in the pictorial matrix, while my examination of the nude is in search of its materialism within an absurdist view. The work is constructed as an assemblage of discontinuous forms that create abstract space through recognizable imagery.

This is a sample of his work
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