Eli et Papillon - Automne

Eli et Papillon - Automne

Eli et Papillon are a Canadian indie pop band based in Montreal, Quebec. The band consists of members Élise Larouche and Marc Papillon-Ferland. Their music is in French and tends to be positive pop melodies with folk elements intermixed with bright and modern orchestrations. Their album Colorythmie was released on October 23, 2015 under the indie music label Maisonette.


Automne is the second single from their album Colorythmie. The video is a creepy but beautifully cinematographed short film that starts off with Honoré de Balzac’s quote “In man beauty may be but the flattering exception, a chimera in which the race struggles to believe”, followed by a dramatic interlude piano score written by Marc Papillon-Ferland and a long aerial shot which brings to mind Stanley Kubrick’s Shining.

The film is directed and edited by Jean Vital Joliat on a scenario written by Wendy Labarre and Jean Vital Joliat, starring Richard Robitaille. The direction of photography and colouring is by Edouard Dufour-Boiteau. The production is by Maisonnette and JEANVITAL FILMS.

All images © MAISONNETTE/JEANVITAL FILMS/Eli et Papillon – Automne

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