By creating coodo, the LTG Lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG has launched a flexible, mobile, and smart apartment, which brings a new vision and offers a dimension to the way we live, work, and travel. Coodo is a mobile and innovative module that can be placed and enjoyed anywhere on the world, be it in an urban environment or in nature. Designed in Germany, coodo sets new standards for the future and satisfies the increased desire of our modern society for freedom, independence, and flexibility. Coodo not only promises, but delivers superior comfort while at the same time allowing for a fast, easy, and economical installation with minimal impact on the site and environment – a feat nearly impossible to accomplish with traditional homes. With coodo, your home can easily go on tour with you and travel with you, wherever life may take you. You will be at home anywhere in the world.

According to Mark Dare Schmiedel, CEO of LTG, “contemporary and state-of-the-art products must be measured by their sustainability”. All coodo components meet international environmental standards in terms of materials, recyclability, as well as environmentally friendly disposal and durability. After production, as well, resource consumption is kept at a minimum: The required space for a coodo is small and need not be sealed. Energy consumption is kept at a minimum, with energy supply being optimized. “We want to lead by example by having a great impact on society and proving that high ecological and sustainable standards do not stand in opposition to equally high standards for design and comfort, but can work in harmony through innovation”, Schmiedel states.

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In addition, LTG Lofts to go is convinced that true luxury is defined by simplicity, thus giving us the freedom to concentrate on other things. Living in a coodo will bring “the big picture” into view. It offers the opportunity to focus on the essentials and live in, and in harmony with, nature. The vision of coodo is a generous and communicative living and working experience by harmoniously fusing the space for living with its surroundings. The floor-to-ceiling high standard glazing provides a boundless experience of space and a feeling of near-limitless landscape. The coodo is manufactured in both aluminium and wood and is available in a “coodo white” and a “coodo grey” design line. Furthermore, a coodo is offered in different sizes and designs, available as a one-level and double-storey. An iconic model is certainly the water coodo, which can extend living on to the water. The interior can be chosen from a number of options. Depending on the personal preference, a coodo can get delivered either as a shell, with basic interior, or fully equipped. The coodo impresses through its various possibilities of potential applications: as a space for smart business solutions as well as an exclusive garden lounge, an innovative showroom or a luxury weekend residence.

The first coodo produced in series has been installed in Switzerland in February of 2015, where it serves the staff members of the national air traffic control “Skyguide” as a retreat for relaxation and the occasional chat. The complimentary coodo app (which can be downloaded under “coodo” on iOS or Android) brings to three-dimensional life the unique coodo experience – a state of the art product on all levels.

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