María Teresa García

María Teresa García

María Teresa García is a Venezuelan photographer born in 1981 in a little town called La Victoria, in Venezuela. She moved to Caracas when she was seventeen years old and eventually studied graphic design. She worked for almost ten years designing, especially for the venezuelan theatre and dance scene and working for companies such as Aktion Kolectiva, Agente Libre, Ballet Nuevo Mundo de Caracas; also the Laboratorio Teatral Anna Julia Rojas, the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes De Venezuela and the Jornadas Danza Bolívar. She has been part of the Venezuelan Dancefilm Movement, screening some of her works in the Video-Vida-Danza Festival of the Young Choreographers Foundation of Venezuela. Later on María Teresa took workshops at the Nordiska Konstskolan in Kokkola, Finland, as well as in Spain with photographers such as Óscar Molina and Vari Caramés, and studied photography at the Art School of Granada, finishing her studies at the Art School of Seville in 2015, where she currently lives and works.

In her own words:

My work has been developed based upon the family theme, which had led me to other matters such as absence, fear, distance and beauty. In some cases, absence may refer to death, a concept I idealize at times. From the Sylvia Plath poem; I Am Vertical -a clearly suicidal wish, according to her close friend, Al Alvarez-, my interest in the Savage God and the romanticism of Nature has become a part of my routine; it’s the source of my insistence for simple contemplation, a contemplation that shows true differences: Nature is everything I’m not and has what I lack of. My projects usually come from personal experiences and they are the result of my love for the analogy, the sensorial and the poetry.

This is a sample of her work
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