The Village

The Village

The Village is part of a trilogy made by Binder creative agency to celebrate SESC’s 70 years anniversary. SESC is a Brazilian non-profit private institution, kept by businessmen in the trade of goods, services and tourism. It has operations in all Brazil, aimed primarily for the welfare of their employees and family but open to the general community and provides, through education and health, social wellness to the population.

On one hand, children playing ball. On the other, a neighbor who wants peace.
People change people.

All three films are directed by Rafa Carvalho, the direction of photography is by Fernando Oliveira and the production by is made by Saigon. The art direction is by Marcelo Andrade and Felipe Lobo and the creative direction is by Marcos Apóstolo. The sound production is by Soundzilla.

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All images © SESC/The Village

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