Micro House

Micro House

Micro House is a 22m² (237ft²) house concept created by Serbian designer Gabrijela Tumbas Papic, who lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


The house is detachable and is, therefore, suited for different locations and climatic areas.It is easily disassembled and transported. It can be located in different areas, in urban city areas, in the mountains or beach.It`s not intended for use during transportation. Designed so that can accommodate four persons for a period of one month and organised on two levels with sleeping and working desk raised to a upper level,it’s a perfect place for young people who love to travel.

All images © Gabrijela Tumbas Papic/Micro House


  1. Quite an amazing, compact concept.

  2. I absolutely love this. Must have ... Great site. My favourite. I lose myself here. X

  3. There is a hint of Bauhaus about this dwelling.

  4. love it ;) we will be having a similar house when we retire to my home country philippines :) tiny and easy to manage :)

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